Wood Core Flooring (WCF)

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Abrasion Class (AC)

Sequoia's® AC6 wear layer is the highest available abrasion class available today.

Abrasion class (EN 13329) is a European standard that provides a method for measuring the abrasion resistance or wear resistance of flooring products, including laminate flooring. The standard assigns a numerical value to the abrasion resistance of a flooring product, ranging from AC1 to AC6, with AC1 being the lowest level of abrasion resistance and AC6 being the highest.

In the flooring industry, abrasion resistance (also called wear resistance) and scratch resistance are two very distinct properties of the flooring. NALFA defines wear resistance as “the ability of the surface of laminate flooring to resist abrasive wear through the decor layer.” This property is measured by the “Wear Resistance” test (see NALFA LF-01 3.7), which consists of abrading the surface of the laminate flooring with sandpaper several thousand times. It is important to understand that even though the samples could be scratched after only a few cycles, the test for abrasion resistance (commonly called the Taber test) lasts until the décor is worn through in at least three locations. This test aims to simulate how long-term foot traffic affects the flooring surface.

Products with a higher abrasion class are more resistant to wear and tear, making them more suitable for high-traffic areas. The EN 13329 standard provides a consistent method for measuring the abrasion resistance of flooring products, helping to ensure that flooring products are rated accurately and fairly.